The Ireland-Mexico Trade Conference 2020

Conferencia de Comercio Irlanda México 2020

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As a founding member of The Latin American Trade Council of Ireland, was proud to co-host The Ireland Mexico Trade Conference 2020. This webinar was Ireland’s largest-ever online trade conference, with 185 attendees connected on Zoom, and 300+ registrants overall.

About this Event

9am Mexico City Time (3pm Ireland Time): Opening Remarks

9.20am (3.20pm): Ireland as a Gateway to Europe:

    • Topic: An Overview of Irish-Mexican Trade
  • Diego Milán Peniche, General Director of Tequila Cocula México
    • Topic: How to control a global operation from a medium-sized company
  • José Manuel Bulás Montoro, Internationalist & Negotiator in International Conventions
    • Topic: The Internationalization of Mexican Companies

10am (4pm): Mexico as a Gateway to Latin America:

    • Topic: Mexico as a LATAM Door: The 11 Steps to Succeed Abroad”
    • Topic: The role of the “Middle Man” when doing business in Mexico.
  • Luis Rossano, CEO, Blue Quark Group (RPC)
    • Topic: The disruptive mindset to succeed in Mexico
  • Blaine Doyle, CEO/Founder, ChektAhora & GlowDx
    • Topic: Experiences of an Irish Startup in Mexico

10.40am (4.30pm): Panel Discussion / Q&A Session

11.00am (5pm): Event Closes


Speaker & Panellist Profiles

Hazel Chu, Lord Mayor of Dublin

  • As the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel presides at City Council Meetings and represents the city of Dublin at public events.
  • She was the first individual with Chinese heritage to be called to the Irish Bar.

Patrick Daly, CEO/Founder, Alba Logistics

  • Alba Logistics is a Dublin-based business consultancy that is focused on supply chain and logistics. The company has clients across the world in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
  • Patrick is the author of the book “International Supply Chain Relationships: Creating Competitive Advantage in a Globalized Economy”.

Diego Milán Peniche, General Director of Tequila Cocula México

  • Tequila Cocula is a tequila company that bottles and markets 100% Agave tequilas in international markets.
  • Diego has worked as a film producer on four films.

José Manuel Bulás Montoro, Internationalist & Negotiator in International Conventions

  • Internationalist, negotiator in international conventions, with experience in the private and public sector, professor and professional networker.

Margarita Garcidueñas, Chief Strategy Officer, Agape International Market Research

  • Agape International Market Research is a market research firm operating in India and Mexico that offers customers a single point of contact for multi-country studies. They offer solutions to corporate, consumer, nonprofit and government organizations in India & Mexico.
  • Margarita obtained the biggest Sea Export Account ever had by a local sale while working at Bolloré Logistics.

Luis Hernando Cervera Mondragón, CEO Latin American Cereals Institute

  • The Latin American Cereals Institute focuses on generating scientific knowledge regarding the consumption of cereals and providing consumers with information on the effects of cereals in their diet.
  • Luis has appeared in various television programmes and publications including Mundo Express, El Economista and Le Monde.

Luis Rossano, CEO, Blue Quark Group (RPC)

  • Blue Quark Group (RPC) is a plastic injection and mold manufacturing company that focuses on high technical solutions and turnkey projects for the automotive, medical, electrical, electronic and home appliance sectors.
  • Luis represented Mexico, as president of RCP, at the B20 business summit in Germany and Argentina.

Blaine Doyle, CEO/Founder, ChektAhora & GlowDx

  • ChektAhora is an online medical laboratory that supplies diagnostic kits for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID -19) and Sexually Transmitted Infections to be done at home. GlowDx is developing the Worlds’ First True Point-of-Care Diagnostics Platform that is aimed at tackling Infectious Disease in emerging economies.
  • Blaine won the ‘Best Business Idea Award’ for his company GlowDx in 2015.

Barbara Jones, Ambassador of Ireland to Mexico

  • As the Ambassador of Ireland to Mexico, Barbara represents the policies and interests of Ireland in Mexico working to promote cordial relations and foster mutual understanding between the Governments and people of Ireland and Mexico.
  • In her capacity as the Ambassador of Ireland to Mexico Barbara is also the non-resident ambassador to Cuba, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru.

Miguel Malfavón Andrade, Ambassador of Mexico to Ireland

  • As the Ambassador of Mexico to Ireland, Miguel works to represent Mexico and its interests in Ireland while promoting relations between the two countries, their Governments and their people.
  • Miguel has received numerous awards from the governments of Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.