Latin America: Top 7 Destinations

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Latin America: Top 7 Destinations

From deserts, to glaciers, to bustling cities, Latin America is a place full of natural and man-made wonders. Here we list some of our favourite places to visit from the region.

#1. Machu Picchu (Peru)

Located some 2,500 metres above sea level, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly Latin America’s most famous tourist attraction. The world wonder, which is around 600 years old, remains the greatest known legacy of the mighty Inca Empire.

#2. Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)

The biggest salt flat in the world, Uyuni has drawn in millions of visitors to Bolivia in recent years. The best time to visit may be the wet season, when the reflections of the flat make it seem like one is standing on water.

#3. Rio de Janiero (Brazil)

Revered worldwide for its spectacular beaches, Rio is also worth visiting for its friendly people and amazing party atmosphere. Brazilian Carnival, which takes place in February each year, is one of the best-known festivals in the world.

#4. Teotihuacan (Mexico)

This UNESCO world heritage site is thought to be over 2,000 years old. It was once one of the largest cities in the world, centuries before the arrival of Colombus.

#5. Atacama Desert (Chile)

A little known fact is that the Atacama is the driest desert in the world. The area boasts unusual wildlife, as well as beautiful geysers and mountain ranges.

#6. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

With a strong Spanish influence, Buenos Aires is the perfect mix of European and South American cultures. The city boasts, arguably, the best meat and wine collections in the world.

#7. Havana (Cuba)

One of the most unusual cities in the world, Cuba’s capital continues to intrigue western visitors due to its communist system of government. The country’s mix of beaches and 1950’s cars allows for an exciting trip for anyone from anywhere on earth.

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