The Latin American Trade Council of Ireland

10 Years, 5x Trade Growth

Between 2005-2017, Irish-Latin American Trade grew from €1.3 Billion to €6.4 BillionThis rapid growth is expected to continue, because of three major factors:

  • Brexit.
  • New Irish Embassies in Chile & Colombia.
  • Newly-agreed Free Trade Agreements, with countries such as Mexico.
What is LATC?

The Latin American Trade Council of Ireland (LATC) is a not-for-profit organisation, of which is a founding member. LATC:

  1. Promotes Irish-Latin American Trade, by providing a platform where members can develop Ireland-based actions to boost exports and imports between Ireland and Latin America.
  2. Promotes Irish-Latin American Foreign Direct Investment and promote the internationalisation of Irish and Latin American companies.

LATC's steering committee consists of four business & trade professionals:

    1. Lobbying and the publication of policy documents.
    2. Trade & Investment Conferences, with hundreds of participants.
      1. Ireland-Mexico Trade Conference 2018 
      2. Ireland-Peru Trade Conference 2018
    3. Bespoke Trade Events, with high-level attendees.
      1. Opportunity Mexico: How to Export, Import & Invest in Mexico

The forum follows a one-year project called the Latin America Trade Forum, which was undertaken by the Irish Exporters Association in 2014/15. Its activities included events and the publication of a trade policy document. The Chairperson of this, Patrick Daly, is also the Chairperson of LATC.

Through its annual Ireland-Latin American Trade Conference, LATC presents a unique opportunity to investors and business communities to hear about the latest developments and investment projects in Latin America. This forum will be the leading annual event for Latin American trade and investment in Ireland, allowing LATC to gain exposure to key financial players and investors in Ireland, as well as the support of ambassadors and their respective governments. It will also develop alliances with important Irish government organizations and other public and private institutions.