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Originally from a user post in Roommate and Flat Finder

  1. Where? Foreigners usually chose Santiago Centro or Providencia, which are both well connected to the bus and metro systems. Also they might chose the western areas of Las Condes and Vitacura, Ñuñoa and some parts of Recoleta (specifically Bellavista and Av. Peru areas). It doesn’t mean they don’t live anywhere else, but usually they actually don’t. What to chose might be different up to who you are, but the main criteria is what you’re gonna do in Stgo: to study or to work, and where. Like any other big city, there’s a lot of traffic jams, so you better try to avoid them by choosing well. Also, what you like to do on weekends might be a good criteria.
  2. Prices. Nowadays you should pay something between $150.000 and $250.000 (268-450 USD). Less than that is very cheap (my advice: go for it if you find something!), and more is too much. Like anywhere else, prices are crazier than ever in Stgo. What was expensive 2 years ago, now usually is actually cheap. Be aware that a lot of people are gonna try to charge you more if you are a foreigner, and especially if you speak no Spanish (the gringo face effect). Chileans don’t like bargain as much as other South Americans, but still you can do it a little if you think the place you liked is overpriced(cause it probably is, and your future landlord/flat mate knows). So keep this in mind: for the cheaper price you should find a small room in Stgo Centro, with shared bathroom. For the higher one don’t take anything less than a big room, private toilet, and cleaning service at least once a week. Usually for “luxuries” like wooden floors people are up to pay more. Also remember that for a short term (like 3 months, for example) it’s expected to pay more than for long term rents.
  3. What’s included. Usually, you just have to pay what’s offered, and that includes everything (rent/electricity/gas/water/wifi), and sometimes cleaning service once or twice a week. Food is on your own in 90% of cases. Any unusual expense (like fixing the pipes) is not your responsibility. Sometimes electricity/gas bills can be way more expensive during winter, and you might get overcharged those months (June-August), but that’s something you should talk to your future roommate.”